LabelMaker.__init__(target_dataframe_name, time_index, labeling_function=None, window_size=None)[source]

Creates an instance of label maker.

  • target_dataframe_name (str) – Dataframe on which to make labels.

  • time_index (str) – Name of time column in the data frame.

  • labeling_function (function or list(function) or dict(str=function)) – Function, list of functions, or dictionary of functions that transform a data slice. When set as a dictionary, the key is used as the name of the labeling function.

  • window_size (str or int) – Size of the data slices. As a string, the value can be a timedelta or a column in the data frame to group by. As an integer, the value can be the number of rows. Default value is all future data.